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We have a very broad range of teeth whitening lights, also referred to as bleaching lights. All of these whitening lights use blue LEDs and emit a cold blue light which accelerates the reaction of the hydrogen peroxide or non-peroxde whitening gel. UltraWhite manufactures the entire Futura line, while we are a master distributor of the iBrite series of bleaching machines. We are certain that our line of teeth whitening lights covers the entire possible range of machines, so you are sure to find one that works perfectly for your needs.

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  • Futura 2400® — Beauty, Brawn, Brains

    Futura 2400® — Beauty, Brawn, Brains

    The Futura 2400® is both the most technologically sophisticated teeth whitening light in the industry and the most attractive.

  • Futura 2000

    Futura 2000

    The predecessor to the Futura 2400 LED Whitening LIght. Older technology but still does the job.

  • Futura 2400 – Clamp-On

    Futura 2400 – Clamp-On

    The clamp-on version of the Futura 2400 teeth whitening light is a simpler version of its big brother. It has no wheel base and can be attached to any rigid flat surface.

  • Futura 2400® Dental™

    Futura 2400® Dental™

    This is the most practical and affordable professional dental bleaching light on the market.

  • iBrite ™ – Series III

    iBrite ™ – Series III

    9W light. Large, impressive lamp. Very attractive. Heavy lamp - only good for stationary locations.

Teeth Whitening Wholesale

Wholesale pricing on our teeth whitening products is available to all teeth whitening service providers, whether you are a small salon or a large teeth whitening supplier; however, distributors and other large volume buyers receive special volume wholesale pricing. If you are a large buyer of teeth whitening supplies, including hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or non-peroxide teeth whitening gel, please call us so we can show you how competitive we can be. Most products are in stock at all times, even for large wholesale orders.

I can't believe the difference it made to my teeth. All my friends noticed, and my boyfriend loves it.

Amy, 18

I felt everyone noticed my grey teeth. I would hide my smile in public because I was so embarrassed. Now I have so much confidence, that I can't stop smiling.

Jessica, 26

I feel like a Hollywood star. An extreme makeover, without the extreme.

Madison, 21

I've heard a lot about these teeth whiteners, but never thought they were for me. But when my wife commented that my teeth were looking stained and old, I decided to try UltraWhite. After two weeks of easy home sessions, my teeth are glowing. Even my kids noticed.

Michael, 37

The take home kit is so easy. I used it while watching TV every night, and every day I could see the difference. Now I use the Touch Up pen to keep my teeth white. How easy is this!

Stephen, 32

My teeth were so yellow from years of coffee and redwine. I thought nothing would fix them. Thank you UltraWhite for making my teeth shine again. It has taken years off my looks.

Susan, 49