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Whereas UltraWhite manufactures a broad range of consumer and professional teeth whitening products, some of our products were designed specifically for dentists. These include our Pro Whitening Kit, which requires the application of a gingival barrier to protect the gums due to the strength of the bleaching gel, and the dental model of the Futura 2400 bleaching light which attaches to the dental chair and does not take up any space. We also have home whitening kits that are specially designed for the dentist. The main difference from our standard take-home bleaching kit is that the version for dental professionals comes with a soft EVA sheet so that you can make the custom trays with your vacuum-forming machine. Teeth whitening pens to avoid color regression, and our famous Minerals™ enamel booster for remineralizing the patient's teeth are also widely used by dentists. We are adding a very unique and versatile curing light to our dental products line-up soon too.

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  • Futura 2400® — Beauty, Brawn, Brains

    Futura 2400® — Beauty, Brawn, Brains

    The Futura 2400® is both the most technologically sophisticated teeth whitening light in the industry and the most attractive.

  • Advanced Whitening Kit™

    Advanced Whitening Kit™

    Over 95% of our non-dentist customers who have tried it prefer it over any other teeth whitening kit in the market.

  • Dental Bib Holders

    Dental Bib Holders

    Dental bib holders are used to hold a bib around a customer's neck during a teeth whitening session

  • Dental Bibs

    Dental Bibs

    Dental bibs are used to protect clothing during the teeth bleaching process.

  • EVA Flexible Tray Material

    EVA Flexible Tray Material

    EVA flexible tray material is an alternative to the traditional Boil-and-Bite trays

  • Futura 2400® Dental™

    Futura 2400® Dental™

    This is the most practical and affordable professional dental bleaching light on the market.

  • Minerals™ – Enamel Booster

    Minerals™ – Enamel Booster

    UV-Activated Teeth Whitening Kit for Tanning Salons

  • Pro Whitening Kit™

    Pro Whitening Kit™

    Our Pro Whitening Kit™ is a truly special chair-side (in-surgery) whitening kit. We feel confident in saying that no other bleaching kit anywhere in the world gives better results

  • R-20 Teeth Shade Guide

    R-20 Teeth Shade Guide

    If you are going to buy a teeth shade guide, make sure that it is a real BLEACHING guide

  • Retainer Cases

    Retainer Cases

    Retainer cases are a great way to store a Platform Tray or Boil and Bite Tray

Teeth Whitening Wholesale

Wholesale pricing on our teeth whitening products is available to all teeth whitening service providers, whether you are a small salon or a large teeth whitening supplier; however, distributors and other large volume buyers receive special volume wholesale pricing. If you are a large buyer of teeth whitening supplies, including hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or non-peroxide teeth whitening gel, please call us so we can show you how competitive we can be. Most products are in stock at all times, even for large wholesale orders.

I can't believe the difference it made to my teeth. All my friends noticed, and my boyfriend loves it.

Amy, 18

I felt everyone noticed my grey teeth. I would hide my smile in public because I was so embarrassed. Now I have so much confidence, that I can't stop smiling.

Jessica, 26

I feel like a Hollywood star. An extreme makeover, without the extreme.

Madison, 21

I've heard a lot about these teeth whiteners, but never thought they were for me. But when my wife commented that my teeth were looking stained and old, I decided to try UltraWhite. After two weeks of easy home sessions, my teeth are glowing. Even my kids noticed.

Michael, 37

The take home kit is so easy. I used it while watching TV every night, and every day I could see the difference. Now I use the Touch Up pen to keep my teeth white. How easy is this!

Stephen, 32

My teeth were so yellow from years of coffee and redwine. I thought nothing would fix them. Thank you UltraWhite for making my teeth shine again. It has taken years off my looks.

Susan, 49