How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business…
… in 5 Easy Steps

Teeth whitening is a great business opportunity. You’ll be offering a service that is in big demand, has generous profit margins, low overhead, and low start up costs. Here’s how to get started in 5 easy steps…

Talk to a UltraWhite Business Consultant

Talk to one of our teeth whitening business consultants for help choosing your business model and ordering supplies. Call 1300 358 522.

Register an Australian Business Number

Register an ABN if you don't already have one. Most states have very simple and inexpensive online process.

Get Trained

Go through our training program and do some treatments on your friends / family so that you become comfortable with the procedure.

Set Up Shop

You may be doing on-site treatments or working out of a kiosk, office, or salon. We'll help you with everything you need to set up shop.

Get the Word Out & Start Making Money!

Get your marketing materials in place. We can help with a website, flyers and brochures, and local marketing techniques. Tell all your friends and family. Announce your grand opening and start accepting clients and making money!

I can't believe the difference it made to my teeth. All my friends noticed, and my boyfriend loves it.

Amy, 18

I felt everyone noticed my grey teeth. I would hide my smile in public because I was so embarrassed. Now I have so much confidence, that I can't stop smiling.

Jessica, 26

I feel like a Hollywood star. An extreme makeover, without the extreme.

Madison, 21

I've heard a lot about these teeth whiteners, but never thought they were for me. But when my wife commented that my teeth were looking stained and old, I decided to try UltraWhite. After two weeks of easy home sessions, my teeth are glowing. Even my kids noticed.

Michael, 37

The take home kit is so easy. I used it while watching TV every night, and every day I could see the difference. Now I use the Touch Up pen to keep my teeth white. How easy is this!

Stephen, 32

My teeth were so yellow from years of coffee and redwine. I thought nothing would fix them. Thank you UltraWhite for making my teeth shine again. It has taken years off my looks.

Susan, 49