About Us

Our mission is to enable service providers such as spas, salons, dentists and other entrepreneurs to provide the most effective teeth whitening services at a reasonable price, as well providing consumers products that work just as effectively at home. We accomplish this by offering the most effective, safe and practical teeth whitening equipment, supplies and consumer products to the market at competitive prices, all the while offering what most people consider to be the best customer service in the industry.

Customers appreciate our honest and informative approach, and they value a relationship with us. Talk to all our competitors first and then call us, and you’ll understand why most people feel so comfortable buying from us. We tell you the truth about cosmetic teeth whitening, the good, the bad and the ugly, and we teach you how to be successful whether you are a dentist, salon, spa, gym, potential mall kiosk owner, a retailer or an entrepreneur that wants to get into this multi-billion dollar industry.

Besides products, we offer all the marketing materials you need to be successful, a customized customer consent form, after-care instructions, and even very affordable professional and product liability insurance. Besides having performed thousands of teeth whitening treatments ourselves, we have a dentist on our board and other dentists as distributors and customers. For these reasons, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most professional advice in the industry.

We offer you all the teeth whitening products you could possibly need. We have compared our bleaching gel and whitening kits with every system available in the teeth whitening industry, and we can guarantee the best results in the industry. We are the only company that gives a 100% money-back guarantee WITHOUT a restocking fee. Most or all others will charge you a restocking fee of 25-50% for returning product. If you don’t want to risk it, buy from us. If someone offers you a money-back guarantee, make sure it’s 100% without a restocking fee, and buy a system from them and one from us and return the one you like the least.

Knowing you’ll get the best results, which is what you need to be successful in this business, you’ve found your teeth whitening partner. Call today to have us turn you into an expert yourself.

I can't believe the difference it made to my teeth. All my friends noticed, and my boyfriend loves it.

Amy, 18

I felt everyone noticed my grey teeth. I would hide my smile in public because I was so embarrassed. Now I have so much confidence, that I can't stop smiling.

Jessica, 26

I feel like a Hollywood star. An extreme makeover, without the extreme.

Madison, 21

I've heard a lot about these teeth whiteners, but never thought they were for me. But when my wife commented that my teeth were looking stained and old, I decided to try UltraWhite. After two weeks of easy home sessions, my teeth are glowing. Even my kids noticed.

Michael, 37

The take home kit is so easy. I used it while watching TV every night, and every day I could see the difference. Now I use the Touch Up pen to keep my teeth white. How easy is this!

Stephen, 32

My teeth were so yellow from years of coffee and redwine. I thought nothing would fix them. Thank you UltraWhite for making my teeth shine again. It has taken years off my looks.

Susan, 49